d3VIEW Desktop 

Run d3VIEW Applications Locally 
Visualizations via HVAC Plugin

Fast and Lightweight

d3VIEW desktop makes submitting, uploading and visualizing data quicker by eliminating the need to connect to the platform via a web browser. 

Extract Locally and Publish with Extensive Local Data Processing

Submit simulations  and upload experimental data.

Physical Tests App
Simulations App

Plugin Options

Utilize specialized plugins such as one for HVAC to aid in your data processing. 

Sync physical test data so channels from MDF files are aligned with channels from DAT files for smooth publishing. 

HVAC Plugin
MDF DAT Sync Plugin

Tags, Projects and Templates

Add important tags, save to a particular project and apply an extraction template directly while publishing.

HVAC Plugin
MDF DAT Sync Plugin

Quick View Options

Preview layouts, display types, channels and canvas before publishing to d3VIEW. 

Visualizer and Raw Data Viewer

Choose files to launch via the built-in visualizer and raw data viewer. 

HVAC Plugin

Installation and Configuration

– Python 2 environment
– LUCY_e_master_***.INSTALL file
– Lucy.json
– Lucy.yaml
– Working knowledge of a terminal

Some common packages required for certain Desktop features
– omatplotlib (2.2.3)
– okiwisolver (1.0.1)
– opyyaml (3.13)
– ofuture (0.18.2)
– oprivy (6.0.0), numpy (1.15.4)
– opandas (0.24.2)

Check out this video to see
d3VIEW desktop in action!

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