Release Notes – R2023_MASTER
Platform Enhancements, Bug-Fixes & New Features

Expanded View for Data table  

New option added to the Data table under settings to show the expanded view for the cells (curves, key values or images) in overview table.


ML_PREDICT_INTERACTIVE worker is added for interactive predict capability of worker in Workflows.

External Images in Simlytiks

View Simlytiks output in PPT Reporter worker now has a new button in the top right called ‘External Images’ which shows sidebar of the images list including a screenshot of the workflow and all workers. These can be dragged & dropped on an empty viz container or an existing viz container just like any other chart.

200_BMS_PUBLISHER Workflow

200_BMS_PUBLISHER workflow is added to the Workflows’ library

d3VIEW Tutorial Documentation

Learn how to navigate and use the platform