Visualizing LS-OPT®Sampling points in d3VIEW

LS-OPT offers several sampling schemes among which D-OPT, Space filling and Latin Hypercube are among the popular schemes. Using d3VIEW’s LS-OPT output parser, the three schemes were used to generate experiments for variables that ranged from a mininum of 0.0 and a maximum of 1.0. Following images compare the distribution of the samples for all…

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Free SSH and SFTP Tool for Windows

Windows users usually have a need to connect to Linux based systems and rely on Putty or commercially available tools. One software that system administrators use and recommend is MobaExtern – that is free and extremely powerful. If you are on a Windows platform this tool may greatly help connecting to other machines seamlessly. You…

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LS-DYNA Conference 2014

The 13th LS-DYNA  conference was the largest conference which was attended by over 650 attendees from around the world. You can find the papers from the conference here   Following are some pictures from the hugely successful LS-DYNA conference recently held in Dearborn, Detroit. 1. Dr. John Hallquist, President and CEO of LSTC,  presenting the latest…

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Commenting LS-DYNA Keyword Blocks

A clever way to comment out blocks of keyword can be easily achieved using the *COMMENT keyword. Example: In the following example, the keyword *MAT_ELASTIC and all cards until the next keyword is commented out by simply adding a *COMMENT in front of it. *MAT_ELASTIC 1, 1.0e-9, 210.00, 0.3 *SOME_OTHER_KEYWORD …. …. to *COMMENT*MAT_ELASTIC 1,…

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Frequency Domain and Fatigue Analysis in LS-DYNA

Dr. Yun Huang and prepared an excellent package to get started in Frequency Domain and Fatigue Analysis in LS-DYNA.You can download the package by copying and pasting this link into a new browser window:  (From FTP.LSTC.COM)

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NLOC value (default = 0 ) allows you to specify an offset of the reference surface from the nodal surface. Image below illustrates the significance of this value.

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